Week in Tech: There and Mac again: Apple anniversary, iOS in cars and Darth Vader's dustbin

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As The Beatles extremely almost sang: it was 30 years ago today that Steve Jobs instructed the world to play. As Dan Grabham discusses, the initial Apple Macintosh is ‘the computer that kick-started the PC transformation’ – and it’s celebrating the beginning of its 4th decade.

The Mac’s 30 years have not all been fantastic – it went through a little a bad patch in the mid-90s, the mix of Windows 95 and Pentium chips giving it a severe kicking – but considering that the 1996 return of Steve Jobs and the succeeding launch of the iMac it’s been on a roll.

Meet the professional

We ‘d like to take the new Mac Pro back in time to see exactly what Steve Jobs would’ve made from it – however because that is not possible we have done the next finest thing and asked our personal Ian Osborne to put Darth Vader’s dustbin under the microscopic lense in his Mac Pro review.

Week in Tech

Apple’s most powerful COMPUTER combines ‘outstanding’ design and ‘unbelievable’ efficiency in one unbelievably tiny package, and while it’s ridiculously over the top for the average user (not least due to the fact that it’s quite pricey) ‘would not you just like one? It’s a work of art of engineering,’ Osborne shares: it’s ‘the ultimate high-end workhorse’.

It may be outstanding, however that does not implied the Mac Pro is ideal. ‘Not everyone will welcome the switch to the brand-new, smaller sized form element,’ Osborne writes, noting that the small footprint suggests restricted internal growth and a dependence on external gadgets. And we are surprised that Apple’s missed a small however very obvious detail: ‘With its smooth black looks, it’s crying out for special-edition black variations of the Apple USB or wireless keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.’

Apple innovation

Did someone say trackpad? A recently uncovered patent recommends that Apple wants to eradicate the click from its trackpads, heralding a brand-new age of very slightly quieter computing. The patent is not truly about the click, however, it’s about getting rid of the hinge to maximize a few even more millimetres in the framework of the MacBook.

Could your next car be Apple-powered? Apple certainly hopes so, and with the brewing release of iOS 7.1 – which will also repair the supposed ‘white screen of death’ that’s truly frustrating many iPhone users – we are seeing more ideas about how iOS in the car will look and work.

Week in tech

The most recent iOS 7.1 screenshots ‘show iOS 7 looking a lot more like a GPS module than previous incarnations,’ Marc Chacksfield reports, and ‘you’ll have the ability to make call into the user interface, manage your music and access – obviously – Maps through the system.’

We are very taken with iOS in the vehicle and its Android equivalent: we ‘d much rather our smartphones look after in-car media, mapping and communications than count on makers’ own instantly-obsolete hardware.

The rumour mill hums on

Last but not least, the year has actually hardly begun and we are already hearing a whole lot of iPhone 6 reports: the latest recommends that Apple has actually chosen to make the iPhone 6’s screen a substantially bigger 4.8 inches.

You might recall that the exact same number was drifted prior to the iPhone 5S turned up, so this may be one of those rumors that works like a stopped clock and becomes a reality eventually. Experts also predict a 13-inch iPad. Could the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro soon be joined by an iPad Pro? It might be an excellent concept to start conserving those pennies.