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What we know

Apple gets been functioning on a fix for the Messages pest that has actually pestered iOS 8 devices since being recently found by Reddit individuals. The pest affects content notifications, and can render the app pointless. Furthermore, sometimes it triggers iPads to re-boot or re-spring. The message itself is a collection of unicode personalities that are sent out via any type of application, not merely the iOS messages application. The issue arises as a result of the way iOS 8 deals with the display of notices that contain Arabic characters. Is is not clear why, yet the way in which particular personalities are stringed with each other confuses the application, and as an outcome, it crashes.

What does Apple say?

Apple gets acknowledged the concern in a declaration to CNBC

We understand an iMessage concern caused by an important series of unicode personalities and we will make a fix readily available in a software application update

As a lot as we would love to have a fast repair for this concern, we could have to wait one more day or 2 just before Apple releases one. Rushing to obtain an area out the door ASAP without sufficient time to examine it can potentially place much more iOS users in jeopardy as well as develop an even larger trouble. In the meanwhile, Apple is providing this short-lived choose their support page …

What can you do while you wait for an official repair from Apple?


Not one of the most stylish solution-but a solution in the meantime none-the-less. Additionally, you can additionally transform off all alert for all your applications that send received notifications to your notifications. By doing this, the message will certainly not show a sneak peek in the kind of a banner on your iPad or iPhone.

Interestingly sufficient, those which have actually jailbroken iPads are not had an effect on in the same way since when their devices accidents springboard, their iPads just enter ‘protected method.’ Quick program of hands for any person that has actually received this unpleasant bug, and also what, if anything, you have actually done to your iPad to solve the situation?