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What do you do if you have forgotten the answers to your Apple ID security concerns? You understand – the ones you set a long while ago and forgot all about and then get prompted to address every once in a while when trying to install a brand-new app.

Or much better yet, what do you do when you’ve actually forgotten the responses AND you not have access to your recovery email account that you setup for use with these. That’s exactly the scenario I see come up awfully often in Apple support forums– as well as one that I experienced first-hand when it occurred to my 10 years of age daughter. She forgot the response to one certain security concern and had erased the Google account that was her rescue e-mail.

Well, gladly the option is easy and simple. You simply call Apple Support and request for assist with Apple ID Account Security. You start by going to this link to find the Apple support page for your country. Then click the associated with ‘Start your support request online’.

Then you’ll get a list of Apple ID security related subjects and can click the one that’s closest to your issue– including one labeled ‘Forgotten Apple ID security questions’.

Then simply follow the on-screen prompts and you’ll get a set of alternatives to call Apple Support right away or arrange a call and similar. Apple Support will ask you a series of questions by phone to establish that you’re the genuine owner of the Apple ID in concern and then will assist you with resetting your security concerns.

You can likewise simply hire to Apple Support and describe your concern and ask to be put through to the group that takes care of Apple ID Security issues.

This is a bi of a demanding problem when it happens, however I’ve to state Apple Support were excellent when my child and I called in. They were friendly and assisted us to get the trouble resolved extremely quickly.

I hope you all will have an equally excellent experience if you need to take care of this issue.