We will certainly get brand-new Apple Watch hardware at some time. The opportunities of better battery life, lighter coverings and un-tethered energy bill are self-evident and also Apple will certainly profit from those. However when?

This week, rumors from Chinese website Business Times (using 9to5Mac) claimed that early production of a future generation Apple Watch was beginning at vendor Quanta later this month. Late last year, 9to5Mac projected that a new Watch could possibly show up at a March 2016 event.

I’m not so certain that we’ll be seeing it that early. Several things that I’ve listened to (from numerous sources) indicate to me that we will not see a major new hardware model of the Apple Watch in March. Style collaborations, devices, that example maybe but not a “Watch 2.0” with a lot of new equipment features. I can be wrong, certainly, but I’ve heard enough to put it out there.

Update: I have actually currently heard a bit a lot more that recommends that Apple may ship a small modification of the Apple Watch that consists of a FaceTime camera as well as not much else– however still that it would not be a complete “Enjoy 2.0” with casing adjustments and also major improvements. Still no word on timing however that might discuss the files of a cam have actually been turning up. Like I said, tea leaves!

I spoke with Creative Techniques expert Ben Bajarin, who claims that supply chain checks are revealing no motion that would certainly indicate a brand-new Watch model in manufacturing as of yet.

“With the supply chain cuts from the normal suspects of Apple element suppliers, the timing does seem suspect for a new item provided orders would have happened in the latter component of 2015 if a new product is delivering first half of 2016,” claims Bajarin. “We are observing some appealing brand-new patterns in Apple’s supply chain that are making the waters a lot more dirty compared to previously. As with the existing version of the Apple Watch, no person really saw that coming by means of supply chain so it is possible to not see it. The Apple distributor warnings of soft earnings in advance do appear to create one’s eyebrow to elevate when believing about a brand-new item apparently delivering in a few months.”

I’m likewise not hearing any type of major activity on the software side of a new Apple Watch model. Delivering hardware well in advance of an also beta software application that designers can utilize to take advantage of new attributes isn’t something that usually prospers. The iPad Pro and Pencil are recent examples of a scenario where the abilities far outstrip the assistance until now from designers. Exactly what I have actually listened to, however, is that Apple Watch had a large vacation quarter, which is supported by research from Juniper that indicates over 50 percent of the smartwatch market came from Apple this season.

Additional resources have shown to me that something remains in at least the early preparing stages for March, so there could still be an event. But exactly what would be introduced there I don’t recognize. Perhaps a smaller sized 4-inch apple iphone as well as a new iPad version? When inquired about the Watch and also event, Apple declined to comment.

The larger question is truly about exactly what the substitute cycle of the Apple Watch will shape up to be. Also Apple doesn’t know that answer (it doesn’t also truly understand exactly what the iPad substitute pattern appears like, besides the truth that it is truly long.) The Watch, as a lightweight extension of the smartphone, as opposed to a standalone tool in its very own right, has the prospective to be a lot more effective and transformative compared to it is currently as a device. The light-weight communications and necessarily subtle equipment requirements can indicate a much longer replacement cycle compared to, say, an iPhone.

If a major brand-new Apple Watch were presented in September, along with the really likely introduction of new iPhones for the holiday season, that would certainly put the void at close to two years in between the first introduction as well as the news of a new design. Though the equipment delivered later, the space between intros feels like it can be a far better little breathing space between variations. This would enable more significant breakthroughs in equipment, and likewise could possibly prevent consumer exhaustion.

As with anything pertaining to Apple equipment statements, the tea leaves are hard to review and also the firms strategies could change (the benefit of never ever publicly announcing hardware). As of currently, March appears like it’s a bit as well early to count on Watch 2.0.

Article updated with new information regarding possible Apple Watch hardware.