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Apple lastly announced its long-rumored iTunes Radio service the other day at WWDC, and even though it doesn’t officially launch until this fall, we have been taking it for a spin in the iOS 7 beta. Initially, iTunes Radio has left us relatively amazed, except for one big omission: all menstruation words are missing out on.

When you stream music by means of iTunes Radio stations, all songs with profane lyrics are streamed in an edited edition, even on user-created stations. We are not simply discussing radio edits where more household suitable lyrics are called in. Nope, iTunes Radio simply strips out the whole word so you are left with unpleasant gaps in the song as your favored artist chokes out a horrific blast of profanity.

During our time having fun with iTunes Radio we have not stumble upon a single explicit track that is not censored, so if you love to bath in the crass lyrics of hiphop’s greatest living legends, you are out of luck.

We are unsure if this is how iTunes Radio will always operate or if it’s simply a bug similar to the censoring bug Cult of Mac found in iTunes Match last year. Changing parental control settings does not appear to have any effect on the censorship at this time, and there are no toggles for unedited music streaming in the Music app settings either.

We connected to Apple this morning about the noteworthy absence of profanity from iTunes Radio, however haven’t heard back yet. We will let you understand if they offer us any brand-new information.