Following Tim Cook’s letter, the White House has responded to Apple’s strong stance against backdoors. Baseding on Reuters, the White House has said that the Division of Justice isn’t really asking for a backdoor to unlock the apple iphone 5c in the San Bernardino situation. Instead, the Federal government only wants help for one device.

Reuters went to a media instruction in Washington as well as reported the White House’s solution on this problem. Baseding on Reuters, the White Residence highlighted the fact that the Division of Justice is only asking for accessibility to a solitary iPhone.

The Department of Justice is not asking Apple to “produce a brand-new backdoor to its products,” White House representative Josh Earnest stated during the rundown according to Reuters. “The head of state definitely believes that is a crucial nationwide priority,” Earnest likewise said.

The entire point of Cook’s letter is that this instance is an unsafe slope. Apple has a couple of choices. If it conforms with the FBI as well as gives a new firmware to access the material of one iPhone, the FBI could utilize this firmware versus many of various other apples iphone (at the very least for the apple iphone 5c version and below).

“As soon as created, the strategy could possibly be used again and again again, on any number of tools. In the physical globe, it would be the equivalent of an opener, qualified of opening numerous countless locks,” Cook wrote.

If Apple monitors this procedure, the FBI could possibly reverse-engineer the firmware. If Apple ensures the FBI does not see this firmware, it creates a criterion. Nothing would stop the FBI from requesting any other backdoors for just one phone, again and also again.

In various other words, it’s a clear problem with just two choices, and also Apple has taken a stance against helping the FBI. Apple is stating that backdoors would certainly endanger safety and security and anybody would have the ability to make use of a backdoor. The EFF has composed a declaration to support Apple as well as the American Civil Liberties Union. Worth keeping in mind, various other tech giants have actually been silent for the previous 24 hours.