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Apple uploaded a public notice called “Apple’s Commitment to Client Privacy” where they dodge and weave their means through essential bits of information.

It’s not clear whether this purposely cagey language is done to follow the unconstitutional and unlawful FISA requirements or whether Apple decided to conceal this details for its own functions, but I presume the former, and I’ll inform you why.

But initially, let us look at Apple’s constrained, disingenuous statement.

One essential piece of information Apple did not tell is the extent of FISA/PRISM/NSA / CIA or whatever type requests are made. They buried this information by tossing it in with petty criminal investigation requests. They wrote:

“From December 1, 2012 to Might 31, 2013, Apple received between 4,000 and 5,000 requests from UNITED STATE police for consumer information. Between 9,000 and 10,000 accounts or gadgets were pointed out in those requests, which originated from federal, state and neighborhood authorities and consisted of both criminal investigations and national safety matters. The most usual type of request comes from authorities examining thefts and various other criminal activities, looking for missing out on children, attempting to locate a client with Alzheimer’s disease, or wishing to avoid a suicide.”

To include thefts and Alzheimer’s illness is a misdirection. No one is inquiring about that. Individuals are certainly discussing PRISM and FISA.

First, it’s unusual that Apple implies that it doesn’t understand the number of requests were made. They give a 25 % margin of error (between 4k and 5k).

Assuming the statement is factually correct, that implies the variety of federal nationwide security kind requests is someplace between 1 and 2,501 requests.

Second, Apple’s statement states that Apple does not “collect or maintain a mountain of individual details about our consumers.”

It seems to me that “mountain” is an extremely vague space of measurement. Let us face it, that statement is perfectly meaningless.

Are they gathering a “big hill” of individual details? A “huge stack”?

And third, Apple’s statement said that Apple “can not decrypt” iMessage and FaceTime information. Apple states that “no one but the sender and receiver can see or read them.” Simply puts, Apple is making an impressive claim. Note that there’s no concern that Apple’s file encryption is extremely EXCELLENT. However solid?

The really concept of unbreakable file encryption is controversial, with many declaring that it’s impossible or, at least, has never existed in daily consumer products. Do we really understand whatever the NSA can in regards to decryption? Even its spending plan is classified.

I’d such as an answer for the most vital question: Is Apple turning over the information in encrypted kind?

In a nutshell, Apple’s statement says they get requests from the national protection services however does not state the number of.

Apple gathers and “maintains” individual privacy however will not say what or the amount of.

And Apple most likely falsely claims iMessage and Facetime information can not be decrypted by anybody, however doesn’t state whether they hand over the encrypted information to authorities.

In short, Apple’s statement states absolutely nothing while appearing to state something.

As far as I can inform, each significant business targeted by PRISM has been left twisting in the wind by the United States government – required by law to comply with most likely unconstitutional arrangements while at the same time needed by the exact same set of laws to keep improperly specified elements of that cooperation key.

Facebook is asking permission to inform. Google is demanding the right to inform. And Apple is attempting to tell without informing.

Each business is attempting in its own method to avoid the damage caused by the US government to the United States innovation industry.

Until or if we ever get substantial details about all this, I am inclined to criticize the government for all this caginess by Apple and the other tech business.

In fact, I think we need to all be livid that the US government – the NSA, the FBI, the President, the Congress and the courts – has so conveniently sacrificed international trust in Silicon Valley and required these companies to take care of the after-effects of these revelations on their own.

And I think the objective of all these companies must be to do what Apple states it’s already doing to some degree – secure their servers from government snooping.

It’s an awful reality that we need to count on companies to safeguard our Human rights, but at this point they are our only hope.

Apple stated absolutely nothing in its statement on PRISM. But let us not blame Apple, a minimum of not yet.

(Photo of Apple’s prepared ‘spaceship’ campus not necessarily related. It’s simply awesome.)