Rolocule, which debuted its Rolomotion idea back in April, has introduced its first game that makes use of the technology. The Rolomotion software is designed to transform an iPhone or an iPod touch into a motion controller, like a Nintendo Wii Remote.

The first game to use the innovation, Motion Tennis, hit the App Shop this early morning. Movement Tennis is suggested to be used the Apple TELEVISION using AirPlay Mirroring, where it capitalizes on the iPhone’s gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer to find motion and translate the motions on screen. Like with the Wii Remote, the iPhone acts as a racket in Movement Tennis.

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Motion Tennis should just be purchased by individuals with an Apple TELEVISION with AirPlay functionality, as the game doesn’t work on its own. It plays similarly to the Tennis game in Wii Sports (it is, nonetheless, less polished), and although there’s some small lag, the game is responsive to the phone’s motions.

Key Features:
Swing like a Champion: Get the real feel of tennis as you swing genuine forehands and backhands by swinging your iPhone/iPod Touch and taking control of your player on TELEVISION.

Hitting glory: Strike numerous shots like the groundstrokes, piece and lob, and simultaneously offer exact direction to the ball, similar to in genuine tennis.

Multiplayer: Join family and friends by linking 2 iPhones wirelessly and play together as increases partners to beat the opponents.

Tennis physical fitness: Get an approximate matter of calories burnt with each tennis match and track overall calories burnt.

The brand-new house of tennis: Pick in between Grass, Clay or Artificial courts along with 4 trouble levels to become a tennis master.

Tennis Survivor: Think you can survive this constant assault? Play the survival mode where you can not make even ONE mistake. Get a highscore and compete in Online leader boards.

The game requires an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 5, or a 5th Generation iPod touch running iOS 6 to play. It also needs a second or 3rd generation Apple TELEVISION for AirPlay Mirroring.
Motion Tennis can be downloaded from the App Store for $7.99.