There’s been numerous dodgy iPad Air 3 rumors distributing the internet the last few days. A bunch of Apple followers are still counting on Apple launching its next-generation 12-inch tablet computer at some time early this year. This hopeful reasoning is mainly based upon a research note sent by KGI expert Ming-Chi Kuo in December 2015. This week a lot more rumors have actually appeared declaring that the iPad Air 3 will not just launch in March, however it will certainly also be the initial iOS item to feature an IP rating for water resistance.

Apple generally only turns out brand-new functions to its front runner apple iphone designs prior to presenting them to other items, like it did with Touch ID. I’m not sure if being water resistant is considered a major feature, yet it rarely feels like a marketing point that would certainly aid slumping iPad sales. While numerous Apple fans have long asked for waterproof iOS items it is barely a bargain breaker that they are not. The only Apple product to feature an IP record for water resistance is the Apple Watch, which makes feeling because it is a wearable tool.

Apple introducing numerous customer profiles on the iPad with the launch of iOS 10 is a lot sexier than your tablet computer being water secure, and also a much better function to offer on the iPad Air 3 to assist boost sales. This is likewise a function that would only make good sense on the iPad, and not the apple iphone. Nevertheless, a water resistant iPhone 7 being launched later this year, adhered to by a water immune iPad Air 3 release would certainly suit better with Apple’s launch history.

It is unknown if and also when Apple prepares to revitalize its iPad Air lineup, but it is a lot more most likely than not that we will see an iPad Air 3 sometime this year. Previous supply chain credit reports have asserted that ‘Apple has actually turned traditional concerning its tablet computer product’ and also is in no rush to introduce a brand-new 12-inch iPad, however those reports appeared prior to the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 launch. Apple could be waiting to see how the newest iPad designs offer prior to moving in advance with a brand-new iPad Air launch.