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Apple is commonly reported to be ditching its 3.5 mm earphone jack adapter for the apple iphone 7 – in the procedure doing away with its enduring white EarPods for a next generation collection of either cordless or Lightning ones.

To start a look of what that may look like, one idea artist/prankster lately created a mocked-up an Apple ad for just what these easily-losable EarPods can look like.

If you thought it was simple to lose your existing earphones, you have actually not seen anything. Look into the photos here:



As it takes place, this fake advertisement (check out the numerous punctuation and also syntactic errors if you’re in any type of uncertainty!) isn’t the first look we’ve had of just what Apple’s non-3.5 mm jack EarPods may look like. Last month, some photos appeared on Chinese social media network Weibo, which – unlike these EarPods – may really turn out to be real.

In regards to evidence that Apple will kill the headphone jack, we’ve seen various leakages – such as a claimed iPhone 7 video clip which shows up to back up the 3.5 mm jack theory while likewise recommending that Apple will add stereo audio speakers to the bottom of its next apple iphone release.

What would certainly you prefer to see Apple do with its next-gen EarPods? Leave your remarks below.