Withings’ Activité and also Activité Pop are 2 of just a handful of activity trackers on the marketplace that are totally water-proof, and also as of today, both devices have the ability to be made use of to track swimming. Swim detection is a function that Withings has long vowed as well as will be a welcome enhancement for consumers that acquired the task trackers to track their swim movements.
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Following today’s firmware update, Activité health and fitness trackers will certainly have the ability to immediately discover swim motions, recording a swimming session as an exercise as the gadget does for other activities like running. Activity and exercise information is after that offered for viewing within the going along with Withings Health Mate app.

Activité Pop automatically recognizes swim. Simply put it on, dive in and also the watch will log your complete session as well as document calories burned.

Both of the Withings task trackers are water resistant to 50 meters, or 164 feet, a function that many of the popular task trackers on the market can not match.
Even Apple’s very own Apple Watch is not ranked for swimming, however several individuals have actually chosen to check the waterproofing of the tool and have located that it does appear to be able to be utilized in the water with no consequence. Still, Apple does not suggest that it be utilized when swimming or showering, unlike the Activité, which can be utilized reliably in both situations.
Withings’ Activité and also Activité Pop could be acquired from the Withings internet site for $450 and $149.95, respectively.