Laptops that become tablets, tablet computers with removable key-boards … the line between tablet, 2-in-1 as well as laptop is obtaining blurrier regularly, and a new patent lately filed by Apple suggests the pattern for versatile gadgets is not likely to disappear whenever soon.

We’re not discussing a touchscreen display right here – we’re discussing a touchscreen key-board below the display. Haptic feedback would certainly be utilized to allow you know when you’ve hit a secret, though you ‘d just be striking a flat surface area with your fingers.

It’s basically an iPad-style on-screen key-board for your laptop: something Apple is calling ‘no traveling’ (due to the fact that your fingers don’t really travel anywhere). Without a doubt the MacBook would certainly be able to get back at thinner as a result.

Keyboard evolution

apple iphone

While keyboard-lovers would be up-in-arms if the MacBooks embraced this new system, it would certainly permit for flexible, personalized key-boards just like those on iOS. The key-board layout could possibly alter depending on the application being used.

Presumably battery life might be improved too, which may help to sell the concept to MacBook buyers. Ultimately, Apple is unlikely to ditch the physical key-board entirely – this is much more most likely to be an optional added as opposed to something for its whole range.

As experienced patent-watchers will certainly recognize, these filings only show the ideas being tossed around behind the scenes, and also there’s no guarantee something such as this will ever see the light of day – though it’s fun to picture a fixed, touch-sensitive laptop keyboard.

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