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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak notoriously slammed the one-minute teaser for Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic and its script back in January, however that does not indicate he’s a hatred for JOBS prior to he ares seen it. In fact, Woz states he’s open to it as long as it’s amusing and motivational, and precisely depicts what actually happened throughout the very early days of Apple.

But he’s concerned the film will illustrate Steve Jobs as a saint who was immune to failure.

‘I allow a great deal of creative interpretation for the sake of home entertainment and motivation, as long as the indicated definitions of the scenes are accurate,’ Woz told Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz. ‘I can’t judge that till I see the movie.”


‘I’ve a little bug in me that states that this film will depict Steve as a saint who was ignored, instead of one of the key individuals who led Apple through failure after failure (Apple / / /, LISA, Macintosh) while the incomes gathered from the Apple] [that Jobs was trying to kill,’ Woz added.

‘The Macintosh market was given in the 3 years after Jobs left, with a great deal of effort, by some who Jobs antipathies.’

Woz acknowledges that Jobs did do excellent things at Apple, like the iTunes Shop, the iPod, Apple’s retail stores, and more just recently the iPhone and the iPad. And he concludes that Apple could’ve made use of ‘later on Jobs’ with all his experience during its very early years.