WWDC 2013: First look: Mac Pro

November 22, 2013

WWDC 2013: First look: Mac Pro

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While Microsoft and Sony were active readying next generation console exposes on Monday, Apple was prepping for a next-gen reveal all its own.

During its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled the long-awaited new Mac Pro desktop, full with a drastic and stylish redesign.

Of course, style is not really everything, and the Mac Pro packs a great deal of punch into its diminutive cylindrical frame, which Apple declared would offer ‘breakthrough performance’ at one-eighth the size of present Mac Pros desktops.

Let us take a closer take a look at simply what makes the brand-new Mac Pro a desktop worth getting excited about.

Mac Pro: exactly what’s under the hood?

Mac Pro

Apple was not squeamish about breaking the Mac Pro open to give everybody a look at the innards powering the 9.9-inch desktop.

The Mac Pro brings the noise with Intel Xeon E5 processors, which in turn are capable of supporting up to 12 core configurations to provide 2 times the drifting point efficiency.

Coupled with a pair of AMD FirePro workstation-class GPUs, the brand-new Mac Pro is even more than all set to deal with up to seven teraflops of computations, and provides speeds even more than 2 times faster than current generation Mac Pros.

Mac Pro

More impressively, Apple is consisting of 1,866 MHz DDR3 RAM in the spruced up Mac Pro, which gives it the capability to provide up to 60GBps of memory bandwidth.

With that kind of power, the Mac Pro is a filmmaker’s dream, as it’s the ability to render full-resolution 4K video, while also working out rendering effects on the side.

All of this hardware is developed around a linked thermal core, which will give the Mac Pro the advantage of dispersing that thermal capability throughout all the processors uniformly.

Mac Pro: Ports galore

Mac Pro

A desktop wouldn’t be any great without a wide variety of ports, and the Mac Pro has them in spades.

There are 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports, each efficient in supporting 6 daisy-chained devices, indicating you could’ve up to 36 various external gadgets connected to the Mac Pro with convenience.

Add in the reality Thunderbolt 2 enables approximately 20GBs of bandwidth to each plugged gadget, and you’ve actually got yourself outstanding external efficiency nearly unusual to this point.

Even if you do not have a wealth of Thunderbolt 2-compatible external hard disk drives or screens, the Mac Pro’s ports are totally backwards suitable with existing Thunderbolt connections, suggesting you will not need to upgrade every last gadget you currently have.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro: Apple murky on release date

While specifics about an exact drop date and rate for the Mac Pro have not been revealed, Apple is intending on launching the black appeal later on this year.

It’s been a while considering that Apple’s dropped a desktop this revolutionary on consumers, and we cannot wait to see what the Mac Pro is in fact capable when we get our hands on one.

After all we’ve actually seen up until now, we are inclined to think Apple when it calls the Mac Pro ‘the most radical Mac yet.’

For a roundup of all the biggest WWDC 2013 keynote highlights, have a look at the video below: