Lust List: Yeelight by ipegtop

Most smartbulbs I have actually attempted just allow me put my iPhone to change the shade of the light bulb and to transform it off and on. I have actually never ever discovered one brilliant enough to review by, either, making me ask yourself if it’s also feasible with the current technology.

The Yeelight is my answer: It’s a superb, app-controlled, touch-enabled smartlamp that’s vivid sufficient to establish an enjoyable mood while likewise being bright sufficient to utilize for my before-bed reading ritual.

Bottom line, this one’s a winner.

The deadly attribute isn’t the app, here, although it’s a completely functional totally free download from the Application Shop. No, what establishes the Yeelight apart are the touch controls. I hate fumbling for my iPhone in the center of the night to switch on a light. With Yeelight, you simply swipe throughout the top touch-sensitive area as well as a gentle light will certainly originate from the smartlamp. No much more midnight blindness.

There’s a fantastic sleep timer below, also, which can be activated with a long continue the big on/off button on top. The light will certainly go out after 15 minutes (a length of time that’s configurable in the app), letting you set a mood that will not overstay its welcome when you drop asleep.

The app regulates brightness, different colors as well as different colors temperature, in addition to an unique color-flow mode that turns your Yeelight into a rotating shade scheme to illuminate your area. Press the smaller switch on the top and you’ll pattern via the three methods: white light, single different colors light or color flow.

A smartlamp that lets me obsessively established the color that could additionally turn via 16 million different ones is a beautiful attractive item, without a doubt. When I establish the Yeelight to brilliant white and also swiped the leading touch surface to lighten it up, I was astonished that it was sufficient to read by. I like reading paper books as well as hate those second-rate little book lights that only highlight little sections of the web page. Yeelight is intense without being blinding, as well as it let me read long into the night without troubling my partner.

This is the smartlamp that does it all, as well as it does it for a superb cost. Give Yeelight a shot today.

Price: $69.00

Buy from: Amazon