Everyone knows that speaking on your mobile phone while driving will obtain you a ticket in a lot of locations, but one vehicle driver in Canada lately found himself taking heat from the police after he was apprehended tapping his Apple Watch while behind the wheel.

According to a report from CTV Information, authorities in Quebec offered Jeffery Macesin a $120 great and also four bad mark after he was viewed using his Apple Watch to alter music.

“There was a police officer auto behind me and he didn’t have his light bulbs on yet, but after that he turned them on and also I believed possibly he just wanted me to obtain off the beaten track. I was merely puzzled,” said Macesin, who was using the Songs look on Apple Watch to control the music playing on his apple iphone though the auto stereo.

Macesin describes himself as ‘one of those insane lunatic’ Apple fans which hopped at the opportunity to pre-order the Apple Watch. He had no concept he was breaking the law at the time he was stoppeded, but authorities slapped him with a ticket, citing Section 439.1 of the Quebec Highway Safety Code that checks out: ‘No person may, while driving a roadway vehicle, use a hand-held tool that includes a telephone function.’

Technically, Macesin had not been utilizing a telephone. He was utilizing a wrist-worn tools that links via a phone, similar to Bluetooth headsets and also various other tools which are really legal. The Quebec Motorway Safety code leaves smartwatches in a grey area, however Macesin prepares to oppose the ticket and also claims he could also hire a lawyer to use up the case.