You Can Now Periscope With a GoPro. Right here’s the Gear You Required to Do It Right

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Starting today, you could enable your GoPro HERO 4 to straight livestream to Periscope. The suggestion is that daring Periscopers could maintain their phones safely hid and also still catch activity (or otherwise iPhone-endangering) video clip. It’s quite easy to attach your GoPro to your phone’s Periscope app, as well as it’s a fantastic development for the much more action-oriented livestreamers out there. Before you stream to the severe, pick up some GoPro devices that’ll make Periscoping easier.

Show Us From Your POV

For starters, get an install. If you’re a GoPro lover, then you’re probably already using one. Yet otherwise, you should. There are a selection of options: Some clip on backpacks, others on helmets or throughout your breast. Another must-have is the Polar Pro GoPro Filter, a set that consists of a Polarizer, a Macro lens, as well as other accessories that’ll make your shots look much better and permit you to obtain more creative. If you’re shooting at evening or undersea, think about a clip-on light-a GoPro can handle a golden travel down a mogul run, yet poor lighting? Not a lot. The Knog Qudos or the Light as well as Movement Partner are good alternatives. No concern what you’re shooting, you’ll get better audio if you connect an outside microphone too. Attempt the $50 package from Polar Pro, or attach any kind of suitable mic (there are loads!) with a 3.5 mm adaptor. If your activity is specifically windy, get a windscreen to mitigate wind noise on the microphone.

Just Phone It In

But maybe you do not have a GoPro. If that holds true, there’s a lot of other equipment that could help release you right into Periscope prestige. Most notably, eliminate that unstable hand effect. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD on Periscope) claims he uses a Gorillapod with a Square Jellyfish on it ‘for 99 percent of my Periscopes.’ Workshop Neat’s Glif tripod install for apple iphone is another budget friendly choice. And also if you desire something much more mobile, a hand-held monopod (primarily a selfie stick without the Bluetooth shutter) will tidy up your video. The very best way to obtain tidy and professional-looking action sporting activities footage from a phone is to use an excellent breast install. (It’ll keep your phone safer as well.)

The other huge failing of apple iphone livestreaming is the sound. A clip-on mic, like the Mighty Mic, is a wonderful option due to the fact that there’s no additional wire that will certainly get in your wire during recording. There’s a wireless option, also, in case you desire to movie a topic who’s further away. Also, your selfie streams require some lights support (seriously, they really, really do): The Lumee iPhone situation has a self-facing light created in.

Aside from merely minimizing an unsteady hand, there are some innovative accessories to improve your Periscopes, as well. Olloclip’s 4-in-1 lens package gives you a tiny suite of flexible lens options for making your shots a lot more fascinating. This telephoto lens offers you spy-like capabilities, as well as the Pocket Limelight is the ideal remedy for dark, grainy streams.

Jon Acuff, another Periscope professional, recommends making use of a ring light. He has one ‘making certain what I movie isn’t really dark and also emo.’ He also has a non-gear relevant suggestion: Utilize the hashtag #Katch on your scopes-it archives your content for longer compared to 24 Hr, providing your much-improved streams merely that much even more exposure.