Did you understand that a few years ago, Justin Timberlake attended Comic Con dressed in an Ernie clothing and declared it was the first time in ten years that he’d the ability to walk freely in public? Or did you know that the Dutch East India Insurance provider was the most valuable business in world history, being worth $7.4 trillion in today’s cash?

These are simply a few the truths included in Owl, a brand new app on the market. However the realities are not the only attribute that makes Owl unique. Find out what exactly sets it apart from its competition after the jump.

A Fact a Day Keeps the Physician Away

Right now, you are probably asking yourself why you ought to download Owl. It’s just another facts app, right? Just like the many hundreds of free fact apps on the market today.

But Owl is different than the rest. Why? Due to the fact that Owl only uploads one truth each day.

Quality over quantity: Owl delivers just one fact each day.

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Quality over quantity: Owl provides just one fact every day.

This doesn’t seem like the greatest concept for a realities app because there’s the danger of lacking material. At the time that this article is being composed, this hazard is extremely real as all-time low of the list of truths is relatively simple to reach. However, as time goes on, the database will fill and there will be an abundance of realities to select from.

Also, publishing once a day allows for the most quality realities to be readily available at your fingertips. All the choices are very fascinating and have meat. There are no one-liners, no uninteresting facts that you discover on every Snapple cap or brochure. The developer’s intentions were quality over amount, and that really shows in the content of the truths that are delivered to the individuals of Owl.

Fact Checking

Since truths are just updated as soon as a day, it can be fairly simple to forget that you’ve Owl installed on your gadget. Thankfully, the developer included a notifications feature that updates you daily, so you never have to bother with missing out on a reality.

By toggling Alerts on in the menu (readily available by swiping right), Owl sends you push notices as a reminder that there are brand-new facts. These pointers can be sent at 4 useful times: Early morning (7 AM), Noon (12 PM), Evening (4 PM) or Night (9 PM).

Source Fed

So, where do these realities come from? All realities featured on Owl are hand-picked from Reddit, and all credit’s given to the sources. Because the truths have currently been authorized by the Reddit area, it indicates that you are just getting the most awesome facts delivered right to your iPhone.

Sharing and checking a fact is as easy as a double tap (right); you can easily post statuses straight from Owl (left).

Sharing and examining a truth is as simple as a double tap (right), you can quickly publish statuses directly from Owl (left).

Have a cool fact you wish to share with the world? You can submit truths to Owl through a contact form available in the app’s menu.

Sharing fascinating realities through Owl is extremely simple. By double-tapping on a truth, you exist with the choices to tweet it out, post it on Facebook or just copy it for use in a message or e-mail. Double-tapping also gives you the option to see the source of the truth. Doing so opens a Google search with the truth, so you can validate the authenticity yourself.


Design is undoubtedly one of the things that sets Owl apart from lots of similar apps out there. Owl’s user interface is spectacular, and it’s absolutely one of the prettiest reference apps on the marketplace today. Great font choice and the simple greyscale color scheme look excellent. Plus, the app comes loaded with interchangeable “Light” and “Dark” themes, which assist make the app easier to review relying on your lighting circumstance.

Light by day or dark by night; whichever color scheme you prefer, you're sure to get a clean, streamlined look.

Light by day or dark by night, whichever color scheme you choose, you make certain to obtain a clean, streamlined look.

You can quickly toggle in between the two color design by tapping and holding on the screen.

Sporting a minimalist design, Owl is very simple on the eyes without losing a quite aesthetic. This keeps the focus on the realities themselves and permits you to read the facts for extended time periods without stressing over eyestrain.

The Verdict

All in all, Owl is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable facts apps I’ve ever before utilized. Quality over amount really reveals, while Owl definitely doesn’t have the biggest collection of truths available at hand, it sure does have a few of the very best. Owl is likewise very simple to use, and the beautiful user interface makes the overall experience even more enjoyable.

That being said, Owl isn’t a remarkable app. The ‘one truth a day’ model won’t please everybody, specifically in the app’s very early days. There are also a couple of bugs that come with starting up the app for the first time, but absolutely nothing that can not be repaired in a future app upgrade.

It’s important to remember that the majority of apps that have simply breached the market have their kinks. Regardless of its few imperfections, Owl appears to have a very bright future. Most importantly, the app is entirely free on the App Store, and there’s no reason not to attempt it out.