Ztylus is a company that concentrates on a complete digital photography set for the iPhone, bundling a defensive iPhone situation with a 4-in-1 lens add-on and also an additional LED ring light add-on for improving low-light pictures. We handed out an unique restricted edition Ztylus cam package previously this year, and also now I’m follow-uping with a complete testimonial of the business’s accessory system.
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Compared to various other digital photography devices available for the apple iphone, the Ztylus system has some positives and negatives. On the silver lining, it’s modular as well as the instance could be made use of with or without the coming with camera accessory, plus it behaves to have a complete 4-in-1 system that could be kept straight on the iPhone. On the adverse side, it’s limited to the rear video camera, bulky, and also adds a great deal of weight to the featherlight apple iphone 6 Plus.

The Hardware

There are two primary components to the Ztylus: the apple iphone instance as well as the cam lens accessory. The iPhone situation could be utilized without the lenses, but the opposite is not true– Ztylus’s lenses require the Ztylus situation as well as can’t be made use of with an additional third-party situation due to the way the lens add-on breaks onto the back. The situation I assessed is the Steel Collection for the apple iphone 6 Plus.
The situation itself splits up in two sheets to obtain it onto the phone, and as for instances go, it’s protective and also in line with other open-screen cases on the market. It’s primarily constructed from a tough, distinctive plastic and comes in numerous various colors, with a solid steel bottom sheet. There’s a big opening in the back of the situation, which is where the lens add-on snaps in. When the lens isn’t affixed, there’s a separate plastic sheet with a built-in kickstand that can prop the apple iphone for taking pictures or seeing movies.
The instance feels strong as well as durable, with intermediaries for every one of the ports and also an internal microfiber cellular lining, yet its construct as well as the lens accessory point at the back make it bulky, as well as it does not have a neutral aesthetic that every person’s visiting like. There is a second, more economical situation offered that’s all plastic for a more streamlined look.
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As a person who chooses easy, slim cases, the Ztylus situation is not a situation I would certainly want on my phone permanently so it’s not something I would make use of by itself without the lens add-on. For individuals that such as the appearance and also don’t mind a case that’s even more stiff as well as thick (it’s 10.7 mm, so I do not mean Otterbox bulk below, but it’s thicker compared to a lot of situations) the versatility of being able to exchange in between a lens add-on and also a kickstand without requiring to get rid of the whole case will certainly be a helpful feature.
I must point out right here that exchanging in between the lens and also the kickstand was commonly a workout in aggravation. Each time I needed to transform the items, I seemed like I was coming up with a puzzle. It’s not entirely evident exactly how points align and snap on, as well as if an attachment is not on in the right location, it will not function properly.
The Ztylus Revolver Lens Add-on is round with three integrated lenses and also one snap-on lens for a total amount of four lens choices. It has to do with an inch thick, made from plastic and steel, as well as includes a considerable quantity of bulk and weight to the iPhone. Turning the attachment changes the lens, and each one pops out to cover the iPhone’s video camera. When not being used, the lens pops back right into the round accessory, keeping it devoid of dust.
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With the situation and also the lens add-on on, my iPhone 6 Plus weighs 293 grams. The instance and also lens add-on include 120 grams, a substantial enhancement to the 173 grams the apple iphone weighs on its very own. Broken, the lens attachment considers in at 72 grams as well as the situation weighs in at 48 grams.
Available lenses include fisheye, wide-angle, macro, as well as round polarizer (CPL), for reducing down on glare and also representations. The wide-angle lens is transformed right into a macro lens by eliminating a magnetic add-on. Lenses are made of glass and also produced top quality images in all of my examinations. Every one functions as expected.
The fisheye offers a 180 level view, the wide-angle lens boosts the field of vision, and also the macro lens is 10x with an 18mm concentrating range. The wide-angle creates some distortion at the edges of photos and also there’s some soft qualities at the edges of pictures when making use of the lens, but on the whole, pictures taken with it thrived. The wide-angle, which will allow you obtain much more right into a shot, is arguably the most valuable lens add-on the Ztylus system supplies due to the fact that the macro, fisheye, and CPL will only be used situationally.
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The CPL is wonderful to have when you require to take a photo of a brilliant blue sky on a warm day, since it’ll maintain the sky from looking cleaned out. You could turn the ring around the CPL to adjust the look of the picture. The fisheye makes enjoyable warped photos, however like the CPL, it’s not something that you’re going to utilize on a day-by-day basis.
The macro lens is additionally not something that lots of people will certainly utilize often, but it is the lens I was most amazed with. With an 18mm focal distance, you have to be close to a based on get a clear picture, but pictures that remain in purpose come out crisp and look fantastic.
I likewise looked into an optional accessory that collaborates with the Ztylus system, the LED Light Ring Attachment. Like the lens add-on, the light ring breaks into the back of the Ztylus case, yet it could be utilized with the Ztylus lenses as a standalone attachment. When broken into the rear of the Ztylus situation, the light ring only collaborates with the common apple iphone electronic camera, enhancing low-light images as well as videos.
iphone 3gImage taken with flash on the left, LED Light Ring on right
It deals with three AAA batteries and has a flexible temperature level control, dimmers, as well as a collection of diffusers. In my screening, it supplied a small perk over the apple iphone’s integrated flash for pictures, as well as a good quantity of enhancement for low-light videos. A light bulb like this could be useful for ensuring macro images as well as pictures appear incredibly crisp, plus it’s reasonably priced at $59.95.
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Ztylus’ lenses appear to be as top quality as several various other mobile-focused lenses on the market, as well as all of the photos I took using the lenses turned out well, with no noticeable distinction in light top quality or sharpness, except beside images taken with the wide-angle lens. There’s some distortion in the wide-angle pictures, however it’s not hugely obvious in the majority of photos and it’s typical for any type of mobile wide-angle lens.
iphoneNo lens image on left, wide-angle try on right
You will most definitely see some softness as well as blur at the edges of pictures taken with the wide-angle lens.
ipadImage taken with wide-angle lens
As you could see in each of the pictures, you can obtain a whole lot more in a chance utilizing the wide-angle lens. It serves for landscapes, shots where you intend to record a whole area, panoramas, and also much more. It’s rather functional and it’s the lens that will likely be utilized most in this set.
mobile phoneNo lens picture on left, wide-angle try on right
The fisheye lens captures a 180-degree try. It’s enjoyable to utilize every from time to time, yet it’s not a lens you’re going to wish to utilize regularly. The effect looks ideal close up or when you get straight lines in the image. Ztylus’ fisheye is comparable to mobile fisheye lenses from various other companies.
The macro lens included with this set comes by breaking off the wide-angle lens. It captures crisp images with good bokeh behind-the-scenes. Macro lenses are an additional among those lenses that are fun to utilize every every now and then, however it’s not something lots of people will pull out every day.
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A CPL is the fourth lens in the Ztylus set. It serves for lowering glow and also reflections (like on a body of water) as well as it’s something that’ll largely be used outdoors. It’s an excellent lens to pick when you wish to take a landscape chance that has a bright blue sky with clouds because it’ll maintain the sky from obtaining rinsed, giving you a nice deep blue. The instance here isn’t fantastic because there were no clouds overhead below in The golden state, yet it demonstrates the shade distinctions you could attain using the CPL.
iphone appsNormal chance on left, with CPL on right
All of the above images, plus additional pictures that I took utilizing the Ztylus lens set could be watched in this Imgur album completely resolution so you could obtain closer consider just how photos released the lenses.

Bottom Line

When selecting a lens system, making a decision between Ztylus, Olloclip, or another lens on the marketplace will certainly come down to the means you utilize your gadget, your visual inclinations, as well as the significance of features like upgradeability.
Comparative to other 4-in-1 lenses on the marketplace, the Ztylus is competitive, providing numerous of the same functions with the added bonus of a modular system, but it’s more expensive. The Ztylus lens attachment is priced at $69.99, yet it needs the coming with case, with prices that begins at $29.99, for a total price of $100. Among Ztylus’ primary competitors, Olloclip, supplies a 4-in-1 option for both the front as well as rear-facing video cameras with fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro as well as 15x macro lenses for $79.99 as well as a situation is not required.
The Ztylus system is bulkier as well as heavier than I would certainly like, yet it is versatile as well as will work well for individuals that intend to spend in a case-and-lens system that has multiple functions and also numerous elements. Since it’s modular, there’s a possibility the lens add-ons could possibly remain to deal with the iPhone for several years in the future, depending on the nature of the design changes that Apple implements.
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Most lens accessories are fitted so closely to an iPhone that they’re provided ineffective as soon as a brand-new exterior layout comes out, but it’s possible that a future style change could leave the electronic camera in fairly the exact same placement, so the lens add-on portion of the Ztylus system could continue to deal with a new case.
Of course, any kind of major dimension or electronic camera modifications have the potential to provide it ineffective, so while that’s an added perk, I wouldn’t suggest purchasing therefore alone. The other perk to a modular remodel is the ability to include on extra devices in the future should Ztylus launch brand-new products.
There’s one more perk to the Ztylus lens system worth mentioning – all of the lenses are in a single round attachment, so there’s absolutely nothing to shed as well as no lens caps or instances to fuss with. It’s simpler than many competing systems. The consisted of case additionally appears to supply strong decrease defense, a function that some will certainly like about the Ztylus, as well as the Ring Light optional device is fairly valued and also useful.
Despite the advantages to the Ztylus system, I can’t ignore the weight and mass that it enhances my phone, therefore while I can see why some individuals would select it, it’s not the best system for me. It’s excessively thick and also it is an unpleasant size that doesn’t suit pleasantly right into a pocket with the lens attached.
It adds an unequal amount of weight to the iPhone that could make it tough to hold the gadget stable and also degree when taking images or videos, and most of the lenses, while good, are just situationally useful and can’t match the myriad options provided with various other systems. A much better lens collection would certainly consist of a telephoto and a wide-angle, both lenses that nicely go well with the iPhone’s own camera.

  • Modular system supports upgrades
  • Can add new accessories
  • Case is well-made and protective
  • Lenses are high-quality
  • Ring Light bulb works for enhancing low-light videos/photos


  • Case is bulky
  • Lens accessory is heavy and also thick
  • Fisheye, Round Polarizer, as well as Macro lenses just situationally useful
  • Base system is much more costly than various other options
  • Limited lens options
  • Can’t usage Ring Light with Revolver Lens attachment

How to Buy

The set in the review, which includes the Steel Collection apple iphone Instance and also the Revolver 4-in-1 Lens Add-on is readily available for $114.95 from the Ztylus web site. There’s additionally a cheaper all plastic situation with lens attachment for $99.95, as well as the lens add-on alone offers for $69.95. The LED Ring Light attachment is readily available for $59.95.
Note: MacRumors obtained no compensation for this review.